Yeah…. we lost five more.  We have four embryos left, and they will transfer two tomorrow and if the other two still look OK they will freeze them.  My husband is disappointed, and I guess I am too, or will be.  Right now I am hugely relieved.  All day I’ve been mildly terrified that we’d get a call that they all died.  This may be because of our one and only other IVF, the one with my eggs… we got five eggs total, and only one fertilized that time.  That one little guy held on all the way to a three-day transfer.  But it was miserable.  We went for acupuncture beforehand, which was 0 dark-thirty for sure, and I was supposedly allegedly relaxing with the needles in, listening for the phone, because if our one embryo didn’t make it our transfer would be cancelled.  Lo and behold the phone did ring, but it was just to tell us that we were still on.  We went on, did the transfer, but I didn’t have much hope and of course it didn’t work. 

This time we’ve got four strong embryos; two to transfer and two to freeze.  After the worrying I’ve done for the past three days (a five day transfer is a lot longer time to worry!) I’m just glad we have some to transfer and some to freeze.  Not excess, not scarcity, maybe this is a Goldilocks kind of deal: juuuuust right.