We heard today that we lost two embryos.  They had serious chromosome problems.  We’re hoping the rest hang in there but we wouldn’t be surprised if we lost a few more.  My transfer is Monday morning at 8 a.m.  I’m feeling the progesterone: edginess being replaced by gloom.  But I’m sleeping better.  We’re off to the gym, my antidepressant.  I’m hoping I can work out to "X Files" since there are many seasons of them which I have never seen.

I’m feeling conflicted about bed rest after transfer.  My acupuncturist says I should be flat on my back for two days and "couch potato" for the third.  The doctors say there is no data to suggest bed rest helps at all.  We want to go to Tennessee next week, so I’m going to rest the day of; then the day after my transfer I’m going to count a 10 hour car ride as rest, and then won’t exercise for a few days after that. 

I’m not feeling clever or anything, just blah and worried we’ll lose too many of our embryos.  We got a great start and we have to stay positive.