We just heard that eleven out of our lucky thirteen eggs fertilized.  I am very happy.  We will surely lose some, and this is a good number to start with, better than I expected.  I ran upstairs to tell Hubby who is (well, was) still sleeping; while half asleep he immediately calculated in his head the fert rate of 84%.  We’re geeks that way.  I must now capitalize on a good mood to get things done today.  Yesterday was too emotionally hard and I ended up with ice cream and "Prison Break" again.  I finished up season 1 and would have had to kick the habit until season 2 comes out on DVD, but I was jonesing so hard that I went online and found out that I can buy and download episodes from season 2 from Amazon.  In the final episode of Season 1, Sara Tancredy, the cute prison doctor with the small opiate problem, is discovered in full o.d., lying on her couch with syringe in the foreground; I kinda looked like that before the night was over.

Eleven, eleven, eleven.  I had already worked hard to see that thirteen eggs is pretty typical, and ending up with even one embryo in the freezer is also pretty good compared to the results that others I know have gotten.  I had my head wrapped around 5 – 7 fertilized as typical, though not ideal.  The bulletin boards at ivfconnections are a total lifesaver.  So this is very good, and I’m encouraged.

At the risk of sounding all Academy Awardsish, I want to thank my friends who check this blog for updates so I don’t have to send individual updates or respond to many inquiries.   Or, maybe the drugs are finally kicking in, and I have lost all my friends.  Either way, I get to post and then walk away, which I really need right now.  I don’t walk away, of course; I spend way too much time haunting bulletin boards, clicking on infertility blogs only to find posts beginning with "the twins turned 8 months today" and clicking away in envious disgust, and Googling things I should not.  But I could walk away, and that’s the important thing.  For those who changed their "communication preferences" out of kindness to me I have noticed and am grateful.  To those of you who already read many blogs a day, stop it and get back to work.