Here I sit with my gold-plated health insurance, loving husband, fridge full of organic food, ingesting thousands of dollars worth of fertility meds in preparation for a procedure that costs thousands more; the worst thing that happened to me this week was that my portable DVD player died.

Fertility isn’t such a great blessing for women in the developing world, and I was horrified to read about the prevalence of fistula, which in short is a tearing that happens to women in labor.  The tear goes unrepaired and the women experience leaking of urine and feces.  Instead of finding medical treatment for this repairable condition, these women’s families and husbands often shun them because they smell.  Medical treatment, when available, is often prohibitively expensive.  Today I read about the Fistula Foundation, specifically formed to address this one aspect of maternal health, as well as the Edna Adan Hospital in Somaliland, where they seek to train midwives and provide good obstetric care, and maybe a little more dignity, to some of the world’s forgotten women.