I miss Sydney so much.  I watched the last episode on the last DVD of the last season of "Alias" at the gym on Sunday and cried, right there on the stationary bike.  (discreetly).  I never "got" Alias when it was on "regular TV".   I remember friends rushing off to watch it on Sunday nights and not getting it.  But last January we bought a treadmill and put it in front of the TV in a desperate attempt to get me out of my seasonal depression, and I started renting TV shows on DVD. 

TV shows on DVD are sort of the crack cocaine of entertainment: highly concentrated, no commercials, and you just keep clicking on the next one until you realize it’s 4 am.  But the violent, suspenseful, serial ones are great for working out and I’m completely addicted.  My work ethic is sorta twisted and I have a hard time watching movies or TV while the sun is up, but watching movies or TV while exercising is perfectly OK, and eventually I discovered Syd.  It is hard to know how to not have a girl crush on Syd.  The show gave me that warm/creepy feeling I always get when I realize I am the demographic.  Syd has everything: clothes and wigs and disguises, often on the slutty side; the ability and the opportunity to kick ass; saving the world and rescuing everyone she loves at some point; long tortured romance with Vaughn; and (this is the evil genius part) long loving reconciliation with her dad.  (want to giggle?  check out Jack Bristow as Jesus in the 70’s film "Godspell").  Whoever sat around in a conference room figuring out how to put this show together knew what they were doing.  Throw in a baby, for goshsakes, and I was totally hooked.  I walked and ellipticaled and biked many happy hours away with Syd and now she’s gone off to her ambiguous beach house retirement forever.    I am desolate and may console myself with Jennifer Garner’s new movie but I’m sure it will disappoint.   I do have one consolation in my mailbox, which is season 5 of "24" – goodbye Syd, hello JACK.