In a very early post I mentioned Gap in the context of "fat pants", and a few weeks ago got an email from someone named "Mel" about how Nautica jeans was rolling out a new line and did I want to try a pair?  I could mention them in my blog. 

Oh, boy, I thought, being a blogger means I get free stuff!  Also, someone out there (named Mel) is reading my blog.  I went to look at said jeans line and they are all menswear.  Hmmm.  So I emailed Mel, and said "Dude, I’m a woman."  Mel emailed me back and apologized for the lack of womenswear at Nautica, but not for the lack of reading he did of my actual blog entry.  Maybe Mel is just a more-personable-than-average internet spider.  Anyway, Mel emailed me back and it turns out Mel=Melissa, and she is a woman too.  Wow!  We have so much in common.

Anyway this Nautica debacle made me think that if I mention more brand names I might get more free stuff, even though I haven’t gotten any yet.  So I’ll be doing some product placement from time to time.